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Kal and Bessy Beatrice 2019 Website head

Bessy is a modern day Jill-of-all-trades. Her passion to explore and conquer is what drives her towards success. Bessy graduated with a BA in Communication and Film Studies. Among her academic achievements, she has participated in numerous film contests and short films as part of the crew, but also as an on screen presence. Her experience in the local film industry allowed her to prep films for festival submission, create promotional material, and also be involved in the cinematography and editing process. Besides her focus on videography, Bessy is constantly getting involved in other areas of the art field as well, such as photography, dance, painting, and modeling. Her outgoing personality, creative ability, and exceptional eye for cinematography allows her to create captivating material that will attract attention. 

Kal’s love for straightforward storytelling began with her diary entries as a young girl. Inspired by the ‘real-life’ candid moments of documentary films and live interviews, Kal creates videos that clients can connect with. Her interests in home décor, entertainment and fashion have fostered an eye for spotting and capturing the uniqueness of any brand. Her experience as Junior Editor of a local lifestyle magazine, strengthened her attention to detail and originality. Upon completing her BA in Communication Studies, she discovered her passion for video promotion. A gal on a mission, she quickly began working on videos for various Montreal companies. Kal’s non-fiction approach to video-telling has a reality TV type edge.

Kal and Bessy teamed up to launch B|Scene Media after years of working alongside one another. 
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